About Kimono

Thanks to a growing interest in kimono, there are several good websites that feature detailed information about kimono in English. Instead of posting all of this information myself, I have collected some links below.

Note: Page in progress. More to come.



More In-Depth Research

History of Kimono

  • Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA)
    • Booklets for sale in the market place about medieval Japanese clothing (Scroll through the Complete Anachronistic listings).

 Kimono Types

Kitsuke (How to Put on a Kimono)

Obi Musubi (Ways of Tying)

Kimono Motifs

Shop for Kimono Online 

  • Noppin Yahoo Auctions Japan (Japanese and English)

Museums and Antique Collections

Kimono Embellishment Techniques

  • Dr. Carol Ventura- Professor of Art
    • Katazome includes several Japanese dyeing techniques that use stencils to create repeated patterns.
    • Shibori is a cloth resist-dyeing technique that may include binding, stitching, folding, twisting, or clamping. This labor intensive method has been used to dye patterns on silk in Japan since the eighth century. 

How to Sew Kimono 

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